Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome to Tacographics!

On this blog I will review various foods I eat, featuring REAL TALK analysis of various restaurant and homemade foods.  Tacos are obviously going to be the main dish I discuss, as they are an all around amazing food.  For the people who do not know me well, I may come off as a critical asshole at times but just remember: I do not take myself seriously and this is all for fun, when I use caps I am just putting emphasis on words, not actually SHOUTING!  I'll try to make my reviews entertaining.

Explanation of  rating system: 

Fat rating (how fatty the meal was): 3/10

Salt rating (how salty): 8/10

Taste rating (overall satisfaction): 8/10

Basically if the fat and salt ratings are low but the taste rating is high that's a good thing, if they're high and the taste rating is low that is NOT good.

Origin of name: Tacographics is a term I invented which basically means the target audience (demographic, psychographic) of this blog is: 18-34 male/female, frugal/make low wages, intelligent/witty, introverted, and enjoy tacos/mexican food/other foods.

Oh, and I use a 2.2 mp camera phone for pictures, that's why they suck. If you would like to contribute to a Tacographics camera fund, I will gladly accept donations.

Jan 2013  Update - photos are better now, my camera phone isn't garbage anymore.

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