Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bobby's Place - Spuderito

In between the giant chunk of time I didn't do reviews (the dark ages of Tacographics) - I found myself starving in an area that I did not frequent.  I did not have a smartphone yet, so I didn't have yelp.  I chose Bobby's because it was a hole-in-the-wall and those places tend to be cheap and good.

I saw "Spuderito" on the menu and asked what the hell that is.  The cashier said it's a burrito with fries, cheese, and hot sauce.   I think she also mentioned a "burrito sauce" and said it was "good, you'll like it". She said you can get it customized with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes, and even with beans.

I ended up getting a "Spuderito" with beans, fries, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and burrito sauce for about $3.  It was awesome.  So I went back recently to get a pic and review.

Why was it awesome?  The shredded lettuce and tomatoes?  Nah, it was just shredded lettuce and tomatoes, dude.  The cheese?  The cheese was fresh grated cheese and great, but nah.  The beans?  Nope, they were beans.  Fries? They were medium cut fries, nothing amazing. Tortilla? Lol.

That obviously leaves the burrito sauce as the reason why Tacographics finds this burrito to be delicious.  I have never had a sauce like it - it's red and tomato-y but it isn't some pizza sauce or anything. I actually have no damn idea what it is, but it's perfect. 

Overall, all the ingredients together created a standard-sized burrito that is pretty unique - full of texture and taste but not salty.  TACOGRAPHICS SEAL OF APPROVAL.

Fat rating: 6.5/10

Salt rating: 6.5/10

Taste rating: 9.5/10

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taco Bell - Chicken Cantina Burrito

Got a haircut and there was a Taco Bell nearby so I ate.  I wanted something a little lighter...huge sign for the new cantina burrito so I ordered it along with a potato taco.

While I'm completely aware Taco Bell (and really any fast food chain) does a ton of doctoring to get their food to look delicious in menu pictures, this was pretty sad.  The picture of the burrito on the menu looked more like a fresh salad in a tortilla - it looked like what I wanted to eat! Yes!

Cantina Burrito, looks good!

What I ended up eating was just a bunch of mush in a tortilla for about $5. 

I should have known better.  This was probably the worst burrito I've ever had.  A mish-mash of standard Taco Bell ingredients but WITH A TINY SCOOP OF BLACK BEANS OOOH SO UPSCALE.

And while I actually like standard Taco Bell ingredients in other forms (see: other reviews), this I did not.

Fat + salt rating: 7/10

 Taste rating: 4/10

Texture rating: Mush/10