Saturday, October 24, 2015


I have been eating a lot more delicious food in the past couple years that I have not reviewed because life is an arbitrary facade we're all going to die when AI becomes self-aware and poisons our water supply on Earth while the 1% laugh through a planetary telescope at our swift extinction.

While I still have a similar taste in food as my old reviews, I cannot live without spice now.

I'm still not a put-sriracha-on-everything eater, but I do enjoy some kick to my meals.

Here is 

Tacographics 2017 Food Rankings 

(both white-washed and authentic):

1. Mexican  - Flavors, textures, and spices everywhere.  My go-to meal is some spicy chicken tacos with black beans mixed with spicy guac + chips and sometimes pico with jalapenos.  Fucking delicious. CARNE FUCKING ASADA.

2. American - Nothing beats a medium-well steak seasoned with garlic salt and pepper with some mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, and garlic bread.  I also love grilled chicken, burgers, brisket, ribs, etc.  slathered in some spicy bbq sauce.  Fuck yeaaaaaaaaah dawg. Fried chicken....

3. Greek - I've only been to one greek place (twice), but motherfuck, skordalia is the most underrated dip on Earth (see pic). Also, dat meal on the right.

4. Lebanese- Yo, this stuff is healthy and overall dope.  Chicken kabob plates with hummus, tzatziki, pita bread, tabbouleh.

5.  Brazilian - I've only had it once, but fuuuuuggggg it was great.  I don't remember the names of the balls of bread with cheese in them, the meats, soups, and sides....gotta try again.

6. Italian - Pizza, chicken parm, and yes chicken parm pizza u bitch.  M a r i n a r a  s a u c e.  Also, salad with homemade dressing...

7. Argentine - Empanadas with chimichurri.  Fuck.

8. Salvadorian - Pupusas....

9.  Japanese - Chicken or beef with spicy teriyaki sauce, veggies, sticky rice.  Good!

10. Indian - Tikki masala or lamb vindaloo with medium spice + rice and garlic naaaaaaaaan.  Hits the spot once in a while.

11. Hawaiian - Chicken katsu.

11. Vietnamese - Pho is dope af to eat when I'm sick.

12. Chinese - Haven't had good Chinese in a long-ass time.  Idk.

13. Korean - Same