Sunday, October 30, 2011

LaMonica's - BBQ Chicken Pizza and Garlic roll

I sometimes make dumb decisions, I'll admit when I'm on the spot my decision making can be sketchy.  BBQ chicken is the best kind of pizza (fuckin' deal with it), however, I need to learn not to get it at an NY style place. 

They don't sell bbq chicken by the slice here, some dude ahead of me learned the hard way - they charged him for a whole pizza when he just wanted a slice.  As soon as I heard that I swooped in and asked if I could buy a slice off him, so I did.

The pizza was overwhemed with a meh bbq sauce (was a sweet sauce) and was undercooked, so that kinda wasn't good.  I wouldn't get it again.  Cheese pizza it is next time. 

The garlic roll saved the meal, it helped balance out all the sauce on the pizza. 

Fat rating: 4.5/10

Salt rating: 8/10

Taste rating: 4.5/10

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy National Taco Day

Finally a national holiday I can support.

Tacos are awesome rating: ∞/10