Friday, January 7, 2011

Taco Bell, Crispy Potato Taco

Was craving a double decker so I went over to Taco Bell on the way home from internship.  I got one, but wanted something else that I couldn't get on I looked at the value-menu and saw this.  Damn you, Taco Bell.  Just when I grow old of your food, you do this to me.  Fuck your shit

I asked the cashier if there was sauce on it and she was like "durrr urrr nope hurrr".  So I was like ok.  I go home and take a bite.  I taste the potato, lettuce, and cheese...but...I noticed there was some creaminess.  Sauce detected.  I HATE sauce in tacos (except fish).

Take another bite...  the textures together were great, akin to a fish taco but with potato instead of fish.  Seeing as how I don't give a flying SHIT about fish and fucking LOVE potatoes, this was an improvement.  The potatoes are like those breakfast type ones you can get at restaurants as a side, they have a tinge of pepper in them and overall are the most underrated form of potato.  Despite being cold, they were great and plentiful.

The sauce was pepperjack, which I'm glad was included.  It was not messy at all, and added both moisture and flavor to an otherwise dry taco.  For 89 cents, I'll be getting this a lot in the future; I think I have a new taco mistress at Taco Bell.

Fat rating: 5/10

Salt rating: 5.5/10

Taste rating: 8/10

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