Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Subway - Pastrami Sub

I like pastrami and eat it like once or twice a year.  How about it Subway?  What I didn't know going in was the atrocious amount of fat in this thing, I knew coming in it would be a high salt rating THIS IS SUBWAY AFTERALL. 

The meat had some fat on it but wasn't that chewy.  It was definitely pastrami - salty and a distinct meaty taste - WELL NO SHIT, IT'S MEAT.  I liked how it was sliced thin, every lunch meat ever should be thin - thick sucks ass.

I wouldn't get this again, the swiss was negligable, along with the mustard (pastrami is the only thing I eat mustard with, it works).  Pastrami -  just another thing that tastes good because it's loaded with salt and fat, but ultimately not worth it.

Fat rating: 7/10

Salt rating: 9/10

Taste rating: 6/10

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